Get Healthy Teeth with the Sonic teeth cleaner efficiently removes your tartar (Dental Calculus).

Suitable for all use! Adult and Children.

This tooth cleaner won't hurt your gums. Because it only works on teeth or hard objects.

  • Ultrasonic vibration: Intelligent high-frequency vibration, can vibrate 10800 times per minute.
  • Integrated design: Integrates the contents of the traditional host into the handle, which is more convenient,easy to grip.
  • IPX6 waterproof level: Use cleaning to be healthier,suitable for daily use.

Why do you need this?

Ultrasonic Dental Scaler For Teeth Removes Tartar Stain and Tooth Calculus

  • Intelligent Recognition: This tooth cleaner won't hurt your gums. Because it only works on teeth or hard objects. When the cleaning head touches hard plaques, it will start vibrating. When touching gums or soft skin, it will stop vibrating. (Note: After turning on, the machine will not vibrate or make a sound before it touches the teeth. This is not defective, please try to use it on other hard objects.)
  • 3 Adjustable Mode: The tartar remover has 3 adjustable intensity cleaning modes: Soft, Comfort and Strong. LED screen can display power level and mode types. Press the power button one time to switch the mode, which is suitable for the different sensitivity of gums. We recommend starting with the softest mode not to let the cleaning head stay on one spot for more than 2 seconds and do not put pressure on it strongly.
  • Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner: Dental plaque remover tool using real sonic high-frequency vibration technology. The vibration frequency can reach 2,000,000 times/min, which can effectively and quickly remove dental plaque, calculus, tartar, and stains. The noise is extremely low during work, and your hands will not feel a strong sense of vibration and affect your operation.
  • USB Charging & IPX6 Waterproof: This teeth cleaning kit comes with a USB charging cable. You can charge it with the USB socket, such as power bank, adapter, laptop, and power strip. Cleaning Tips: You can rinse with water or wipe the cleaning head with wet cloth, and please don't rinse the body of teeth cleaner with water, just wipe it with wet cloth.


99% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend!

Fred*** Volta Region

Not gonna lie I was a little Worried about buying this, it actually works great, I get more build up around my bottom teeth, so me being able to clean them myself definitely helps. I like how it has different settings and it only vibrates on teeth, not skin.

Petra*** Kumasi 

Excellent product to remove dental calculus temporary. I need it because my dentist appointment are so long to have them and I really need to clean my teeth. It’s not faster as a real dental cleaning but it’s perfect to remove the calculus. Love it

Ogechi *** Newmont Region

I checked with my dentist before using this device, because I wanted to make sure it is a quality product that wouldn't harm my teeth. He heartily approved, saying it is a legitimate tool for home dental care. He explained there are salivary ducts under the tongue and in the cheek, which causes a buildup of plaque on the first molars and the inside of the bottom front teeth. This is where this plaque remover is most effective. He stressed that this does not replace your regular cleaning and checkup at the dentist office, but it may help you have less plaque when you come in.

Why you should buy this Ultra Sonic Dental Scaler!!!

Overheating Protection

Because of the overheating protection, the host is timed to automatically shut down every 10 minutes; then it can be turned on again immediately.

360°LED auxiliary light

360°ring LED auxiliary light and dental mirror can help you clearly see the inside of your teeth without any blind spots.

High-Frequency Vibrations

Using the sonic high-frequency vibration technology with 3 cleaning modes. The vibration frequency is up to 38 kHz, and it reaches 2,000,000 Vibrations/Minute.


99% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend!

Dijah*** Pokuase Abensu 

My husband and I both tried it. It works so good!!! We are going to be using this regularly from now on. I am so happy to have this tool. I wasn't sure it would work because it sounded too good to be true. But it does work.
It does make a whining noise while you use it. For anyone with sensory sensitivity that might be tough. I normally would struggle with it. But it was so enjoyable to see it get all the plaque off that I was able to ignore the noise.
The extra tool heads included were a really nice bonus. So far the battery has lasted a very long time. I love it.

Joshua*** Hwidiem Ahafo 

I was looking for a way to remove stains from teeth.
Being a smoker and red wine drinker it has a price, stained teeth.
I did not expect mutch, but I must say I was pleasently surprised.
I charged it overnight, used it in the morning and within 5 minutes all stain war removed.
Very easy to use.

Immanuel***Cottage Centre

This product is amazing! It legit removed plaque, tartar, and coffee stains from my teeth! It feels like the same device that dentists use, except I don't have to pay a hundred for the service. I used it on myself and I'm amazed by the result. I didn't think I would achieve this result without going to the dentist, but I did. So I'm very happy! Definitely a 5 star!


99% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend!

Seth Clottey*** Offinso distinct

I suffer from crowded teeth, and as a result I get plaque buildup faster than normal. This tool gets rid of plaque with little to no effort. It’s a lot safer on my teeth than a traditional pick, and works better too!

Juliet ***  Accra Region

This is a great little system for removing plaque and teeth stains. I had my own little pick that I got which I loved but this one has the benefit of using ultrasonic technology. Did a great job of cleaning my teeth and my dentist is very impressed


I especially like that this ultrasonic tooth cleaner has an integrated LED light so that you can very easily see what you are doing inside your mouth. Even with good general bathroom lighting, it's hard to see inside without added and directional light. This cleaner has it built right into the want.




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99% of reviewers would recommend this product to a friend!

Ellis Ashie *** Accra

This Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner is truly awesome! It feels exactly like the one that my dental hygienist uses. I can literally feel how smooth my teeth feel after using it. It is especially helpful to use around the gum line area if your have dental crowns. And it is really effective when used in between teeth.

Koranteng*** Cape Coast 

This is pretty easy to use. As long as it is charged you hold the bottom to turn it on and press it to change modes. The vibration is triggered once the cleaning head touches your teeth.
My mom used this on her teeth to remove stains. She has been using some grit toothpaste for awhile to try and remove the stain to no avail. She used this for a couple minutes and it was gone. She ended up removing a lot of tobacco stains from the front of her bottom teeth and loves the product.

zacchaeus ***Salam Central

This sleek ultrasonic tooth cleaner is amazingly effective! It’s excellent at removing plaque and keeping my teeth sparkling. Stains don’t stand a chance, since I’ve added this gorgeous tooth cleaner to my weekly cleaning routine. Tarter is a breeze at keeping at bay and away from my warm smile.


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